truSculpt iD process
Published: August 08, 2019
Karla Ilicic

About the author: Karla Ilicic is a yoga teacher, nutritionist and an overall wellness coach from Croatia, living in Seattle. She strives to help women become their best selves through a well-rounded wellness approach which includes yoga, nutrition, self-care, aromatherapy, meditation & other practices.

The truSculpt iD Process – My Experience And What to Expect

It was such a gorgeous, sunny day when I entered HAAS Wellness in Glendale, California. The moment I entered through the door, I was greeted by such wonderful staff, eager to help me discover the best version of myself. So, here’s my on!

The first step of the process is to fill out forms about yourself (known allergies, pregnancy details, current medications, etc.). Safety is always the first priority, and that’s why Cutera only partners with wellness centers that maintain the highest level of quality.

truSculpt iD process - The first step

After the forms were completed, I was ushered into the treatment room and shown what the truSculpt iD device looks like, while the nurse practitioner explained how the treatment works. Even though I knew all of this before I decided to do the treatment, it was great hearing it directly from the person who would be performing it. The nurse practitioner explained how the treatment only takes 15 minutes per area treated (with the possibility of multiple areas being treated at the same time), and how there’s really no downtime. Because of the heat, there might be some redness or minimal swelling but it’s all supposed to go away fairly quickly. She also told me I could potentially see some immediate results, but that the real change occurs in the following 12 weeks, when the treated (and dead) cells get naturally flushed out of the body. I was extremely glad to hear that, as I know that anything real and non-surgical cannot possibly show any results in as little as 15 minutes. That is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to partner up with truSculpt iD by Cutera in the first place. Everything about them is real, transparent, and scientifically proven!

truSculpt iD consultation

Next step is the consultation. Many of us have that area of our body which seems to hold onto fat for dear life. Some keep it in their abdomen or on the back of their arms. For me, that area is my legs - specifically hips & under butt – also known as saddlebags. I’ve had them ever since my body entered puberty, even when I was at my leanest & thinnest.

Most women biologically hold on to more fat because of the procreational aspect of carrying babies, so no matter how clean we eat or how much exercise we do, we always tend to have some extra fat cells. Some are luckier than others with fat cells that seem to be distributed more evenly, but for many of us, it’s hard to get rid of stubborn fat in certain areas. That’s where truSculpt iD can help! After taking my “before” shots & marking the areas which could use sculpting, I was introduced to the doctor who talked to me about the treatment, asked me why I was doing it and determined how many sessions in total my situation would require (1-2 in my case).

truSculpt iD treatment

It was finally time for the actual treatment. I was told a lot of women do it on the same day they do the consultation, as it’s very quick and effective, so you don’t have to come multiple times for no reason (which I totally appreciate because of the busy lives we all lead).

Since I was doing both legs it took 30 minutes (15 minutes for each leg). Each leg got 4 treatment pads that worked in cycles. Before the actual truSculpt iD device was turned on, the nurse put grounding pads on my back, which ensured safety when dealing with electricity. After that, it was time to place the applicators on the marked areas. They were then wrapped to stay in place, and the next thing I knew it was showtime!

The heat started slow, going in cycles, just like I was told it was going to happen, all the way until it reached the optimal temperature. Everyone asks how the heat feels. It was definitely not painful and the cycling made it really bearable and quick. After the first leg was done, I was ready for round two, especially because I knew exactly what to expect. The nurse was so nice and kept on talking to me the whole time, so I really felt like the time flew by! When the beeper announced the time was up, everything was neatly taken off of my back legs, and I was ready to go back to my day. Easy as that!

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy, quick & comfortable the whole process ended up being. I cannot wait for these 12 weeks to pass to see ALL the results! I am scheduled to go back for my follow-up and “after” pictures around that time, so stay tuned to see my treatment outcomes!

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