My Personal Experience with truSculpt flex
Published:November 03, 2022
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My Personal Experience with truSculpt flex

Jeffrey Dover, MD and Wendy Perez
Skincare Physicians of Chestnut Hill, MA

Practice Mindful Eating

I have a BS in Clinical Exercise Physiology and MS in Applied Anatomy and Physiology from Boston University, and I am certified as a personal trainer through ACE and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. I became a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor and RKC-certified kettlebell instructor. I recently completed my yoga teacher training and currently attending a yoga therapist training program. Using these multiple exercise modalities, my goal is to help clients move to the best of their ability to reach their health and fitness goals.

Describe your weekly exercise routine

Currently, my weekly routine includes daily Peloton® cycling for 45-90 minutes, and yoga classes for 30-minutes. In addition, my partner does strength training with me every week for 60 minutes. I also take a ballet class once a week for 60 minutes and walk daily from 60-120 minutes.

How do you manage your diet and nutrition?

I don’t worry too much about my diet unless I’m training for an endurance event. My choices have to do with what will help me to perform best during my workouts or what I need to recover from my workouts for a woman my age. My diet tends to be higher in protein and lower in carbs and fats. I add electrolytes to water when cycling workouts, and dextrose if my workout will be longer than 45-minutes and I haven’t had a meal to fuel the workout.

Please share your truSculpt flex treatment experience

I had 4 truSculpt flex treatments on my abdomen and interior thighs. My abs tolerated it better than my quads. During the first session, I expected to feel my quads immediately after the session but didn’t realize I would feel my abs the next day. The second and third sessions were easier, and the fourth session was intense but not like the first session.

Has your daily fitness routine changed since having truSculpt flex?

After the treatments I noticed that my cycling workouts felt easier, like truSculpt flex helped to get me over a plateau. When I do pull-ups, all my muscles were firing at the appropriate time. Prior to truSculpt flex I had a hard time engaging my thighs and abs at the same time as my upper body to pull myself up. Now pull-ups are much easier.

Please share your overall experience with truSculpt flex?

I went in thinking that truSculpt flex was going to be like a Tens unit. It certainly was not! I didn’t expect to come out of the first session significantly less bloated, and certainly didn’t expect the carryover of the sessions to help with my strength and cycling training. That was exciting! I definitely feel there is a place for truSculpt flex for people who are training.

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