Become The Best Version Of Yourself
Published: April 26, 2019
Karla Ilicic

About the author: Karla Ilicic is a yoga teacher, nutritionist and an overall wellness coach from Croatia, living in Seattle. She strives to help women become their best selves through a well-rounded wellness approach which includes yoga, nutrition, self-care, aromatherapy, meditation & other practices.

Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Living a long and healthy life should be everyone’s priority, and no matter what strategies we implement to achieve that, there are some bullet points which cannot be missed. Staying active, eating a balanced, nourishing diet, plenty of sleep, scheduling in self-care, and focusing on lowering stress are definite staples. However, all of that being said, each and every one of us is completely unique – different body types, diet preferences & restrictions, lifestyles. That’s the reason why one type of workout or one type of diet might be amazing for one person, but completely wrong for another. And sometimes, even when we implement all the bullet points written above, we still need some help in achieving that ideal body (ideal for us individually). That’s why I’m so proud to be partnering with truSculpt® iD by Cutera whose mission is to give us that little push of confidence we all need.

My health and fitness journey started when I was a young girl, back home in Croatia, where I danced my way all through school and college. Coming from a Mediterranean country, healthy food wasn’t an issue, and to this day, I can proudly say I’ve never tried a McDonald's burger in my life (weird, I know!). Still, and this proves my point in everyone being different, I developed severe digestive issues, and I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Having to clean my diet even more (high inflammation and candida overgrowth meant I needed to stay away from all kinds of sugars, even fruit), I really wasn’t eating anything processed or “bad,” and one could say I had the perfect diet – full of healthy vegetables, fish, meat, and healthy fats. My sleeping habits were great and I was obviously staying active, but the stress of everyday life was always present (as I believe it is for 99% of us all the time). So, naturally, my body held on to that stubborn fat like crazy. Even when I was really thin and malnourished (as my body couldn’t absorb all the nutrients due to inflammation), even when I was getting back on the right track, even when my diet was 100% clean and I was working out (yoga practice included), even now, after 8 years after I’ve reached that healthy balance. We, women, naturally hold on to a bit more fat than men, just because we need it to be able to bring babies into this world. And though it may sound unfair, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. We can diet superhard and go crazy in the gym, but if we want to stay healthy and keep our hormones in check, we’ll always need to maintain that body fat percentage which seems to show on our legs, abdomen, arms or back. Everybody is built differently and that’s why we all store fat in different body parts. This is where truSculpt iD comes in as the perfect tool to help us shape our bodies without compromising our health.

truSculpt® iD by Cutera

truSculpt iD by Cutera is a non-surgical body-sculpting treatment that provides personalized treatments for every single body type in as little as 15 minutes, so patients can get the comfortable and tailored results they always wanted with no downtime. Whichever part of your body needs a bit of stimulation & push, this treatment is here to help. Years in development, this advanced technique is proven to be safe and effective, and one of the only treatments with visible results after just one session! The number of sessions differs from person to person, and once again, it depends on a variety of factors, with genes playing a very important role as well.

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