5 Tips for Mindfully Beating the #Quarantine15
Published:May 15, 2022
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5 Tips for Mindfully Beating the #Quarantine15

Whether it’s stress-baking or a nightly glass (or two) of wine, some of the habits many have picked up during quarantine may be leaving a few of us with a little more to love around our waistlines.

The first thing to know is it’s okay. Modern lifestyles are challenging and experiencing changes to your body is completely acceptable. If you’re feeling stressed about your health, direct this anxiety towards something more productive than counting calories and instead focus on trying out some of these tips and tricks to help maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your fabulous figure.

When it comes to looking and feeling healthier, eating habits and exercise absolutely matter, but so does stress reduction, maintaining a healthy routine, and sleep.

Practice Mindful Eating

Stress provides the perfect storm for overeating. Boredom coupled with a stocked pantry is a dangerous combination that makes it difficult for many of us to control what we are eating. The first step in any quarantine or post-quarantine cleanse starts with mindful eating. Focus on eating for hunger rather than boredom and increasing awareness around exactly what you are putting in your mouth throughout the day. Try taking inventory of your kitchen at the beginning of the week and discarding items that you know you will have a difficult time staying away from or frequently turn to for a snack. Make an effort to prepare your meals in advance so that you are able to set aside the time to eat them rather than combining meals with other activities. The most important part is to try taking away the guilt with eating and create a balanced and peaceful relationship with food. It is still okay to bake cookies or break out the chips on occasion, the goal is to increase your awareness around how different foods make you feel. Do your best to eat the foods that make you feel energized and healthy in the coming weeks.

Get Creative With Your Exercise Regime

Going to the gym may not have been an option in the recent years and months and it’s possible that you may not have your own home gym. Do not fret! There are plenty of ways that you can work extra activity into your day in order to maintain your physical health within the parameters of your schedule. If you are having a hard time staying motivated try a virtual workout with a friend in order to promote accountability. Working from home? Have an Alexa or Google remind you to take a break from work and start one of the many workouts that are guided by voice. Maybe you’re so busy that even a 30 minute run may seem out of the question. Try squeezing exercise into your daily chores, like getting in leg lifts while you are standing at your desk, brushing your teeth, or making your kids’ lunch. Every effort counts. Test these out until you know you have found something you can stick to. It is better to set realistic, attainable goals that will keep you moving every day than to make plans that you don’t have the personal resources to keep.

Use Treatments to Refresh, Rejuvenate, and Renew

Positive self-image not only enhances our sense of well-being but contributes to long term health. People with a positive self-image tend to eat and sleep better, go to doctors more often, and generally take better care of themselves. Make a commitment to renew your new sense of self post-quarantine and use beauty and body treatments as a way to kick-start your self-care regime. truSculpt iD allows patients to achieve truly tailored results in a short time frame, reducing fat in stubborn areas. truSculpt flex provides personalized muscle-building to target areas that you might be having a hard time getting to in your at-home gym or workouts. These treatments help provide you with the extra boost you need to look and feel your best so nothing will stop you from getting in a swimsuit and hitting the beach for your next vacation.

Establish a Routine

One of the greatest obstacles to weight management is lifestyle adherence. Long-term lifestyle adherence requires establishing habits that ultimately become second nature. The key to establishing great habits in the long-run is first sticking to a routine, especially now that many of us are working from home and our typical lifestyle habits have been undermined. Your work from home routine can include everything from time designated for meditation or mindfulness (check out some of these free apps such as Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer, or the Mindfulness App) to a daily skype call with a family member. The important thing to remember is focus on mapping and repetition so that you can reasonably predict how your day will go. Establishing a routine of healthy habits can help us regain a sense of control that will extend to our eating, workouts, and mental health.

Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep is essential for your entire well-being, affecting everything including your immune system, brain, and stress. It is also absolutely essential for weight maintenance -- studies have shown that sleep deprivation can affect fat cell and insulin production after just four days1. While heightened stress may be making it difficult to get your 8 hours every night, there are some things you can do to cope. Wear blue light glasses to limit eye strain during the day and opt to read a book before bed instead of looking at a cellphone or computer. Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption which can both interfere with sleep patterns and stick to a regular sleep schedule in order to encourage healthier sleep habits.

Most importantly, forgive yourself. The most important thing to do is to practice self-love and recognize that any positive step that you take for your physical health is a significant accomplishment. Your true body will always be just a treatment away.

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